Kat, London

"I can't even put this in to words. I had the expectation that I might just gain a bit of clarity on the journey I had already started. I thought it would help my mind stay focused knowing that one day a week for an hour I would be thinking about myself. However, although this did happen, it was so much more. So much more! My journey accelerated tenfold to the point I forgave huge aspects of my past, moved on in ways I never thought possible and had genuine epiphanies such as having self worth.
I would not only recommend but I feel like everyone should have Phil in their life. He is such an amazing life-coach.. I'd argue this was his calling as he just seems born to do it. He facilitates sessions in which I felt totally at ease and empowered. He is easy to talk to, there is no awkwardness ever, however personal or 'difficult' the subject matter. Nothing shocks him and his calm, seemingly effortless, yet focused sessions are the perfect antidote to a full on world.
Phil's strengths lie in his personality: calm, cool, collected, personable, professional, easy-going, easy to talk to. He challenges and gives time and a safe space. He is kind, funny, clear (he loves an analogy!) and friendly. I just want to thank Phil with all my heart for everything his life-coaching has given me. Words cannot describe how grateful I am and will be for the rest of my life."

Dave, Australia

"I gained a great deal of clarity, calmness and confidence in dealing with both goals and obstacles. I would recommend Phil, he is a knowledgeable and likeable coach with a great demeanour and communication style. He has a wealth of life experiences, and is fantastic at skilfully using questioning to elicit responses which serve to aid in the process of self-improvement. Affable, knowledgeable, compassionate, understanding and flexible. I really enjoyed working with Phil, he's an excellent coach and a very easy person to talk to and communicate with. He is an excellent transformational life coach, I think he has found his calling"

Dan, Cambridge

Phil explained the coaching process well. This was done by being very calm, straight to the point and reactive with what was being said by myself. I purposely stripped myself back to my basic self, to be able to be built up again. Phil was able to draw upon this and see through my confusing mannerisms, and address what needed to be addressed. 
The journey that I have been on has been very informative and useful with regard to being able to implement a real transformative change into my daily life.
My time with Phil has given me a part of my week to reflect on my week so far and prepare for the week ahead.
I found the end summary of the sessions extremely useful. I would fully recommend Phil. He portrays a very knowledgeable demeanour and gives the sense of being a REAL person. I plan to offer educational coaching to young people in the future and have spoken to Phil about wanting to recommend him to any parents that feel that they are ready to improve aspects of their lives.
Phil's strengths were definitely positivity, great listening skills and being able to redirect my thoughts and feelings.
A very useful service that would be beneficial to many people. The life coaching I received was extremely professional, adaptable and useful.

Next steps...

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